NY Municipal Searches

Bankruptcy Search (per name)

A bankruptcy search will determine whether an individual or corporation has filed for bankruptcy. Dockets will be provided if available.

Certificate of Occupancy Search

A copy of the last Certificate of Occupancy of record plus a report of any plans filed after the Certificate of Occupancy was issued. If a Certificate of Occupancy was never issued, the legal use, as determined by plans filed with the Building Department and any other department which may affect the legal use, will be reported.

Fire Violation Search

A report showing all violations of record with the Fire Department's local and/orCentral Files.

Flood Zone Determination

A report using the Federal Flood Maps indicating the classification of the particular site. An explanation of the classification will determine whether or not flood insurance is mandatory.

Emergency Repairs

A search of municipal records depicting work on a specific property that the New York City Housing Preservation and Development, (Bureau of Emergency Repairs) has approved to be done and has been completed. The fees for proposed or completed work are the responsibility of the record owner and will become a lien if not paid.

Housing and Building Search

A search of Housing Department and Building Department records for all pending violations of both the local building code and the New York Multiple Dwelling Law.


A search to determine if sidewalk violations exist. We report: Date of notice of violation and the violation number.

Locate Survey

We will locate the most recent copy of a survey for a property.

Landmark Search

We will provide a report reflecting the Landmark Status of a structure.

Sewer Search

A sewer search is a report reflecting the appropriate municipal agency’s records as to whether the property is hooked up to the municipal sewer system.

Survey Inspection

A Survey Inspection will examine the specific property and issue a survey inspectionreport listing any changes made to the property structure(s) and to the property since the last survey.

Street Report

For properties within the five boroughs of NYC. A street report will give the street title details and the street mapped condition as shown on the applicable NYC final plan. The street title details will state whether NYC has title as well as when and how the title was transferred. With all other properties a street report will identify whether the municipality maintains the street area.

Patriot Search  (per name)

A Patriot Searcg will determine whether an individual or corporation has been added to the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons list.

Zoning Report

A search to determine the legal zoning resolution for a particular area or premises.