Who we are

Hudson Search has been handling search and filing services for the past ten years. Over the years, we have mastered search and filing services. We have also developed and nurtured personal relationships with local municipal offices, enabling us to avoid bureaucratic red tape and eliminate time consuming procedures. At Hudson Search, we recognize that our clients are of prime importance. With the client’s welfare placed above all else, we aggressively search and deliver quick, accurate results.

Large Firm Capacity with Boutique Shop Service

In today’s business environment, you are faced with urgent deadlines on a constant basis. Hudson Search understands this. That is why we offer our professional expedited services within a 24-hour time frame. Same Day Service can be obtained at a minimal fee so that your most critical business deals can meet their deadlines.

Hudson Search is large enough to service any volume of customer requests, yet we maintain the flexibility and deliver the personalized attention to each and every client that is typical of a boutique firm.

Our findings are available online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We stay abreast of new technology as it emerges, which allows us to leverage technology so we can deliver maximum service and lightning-fast turnaround.

Who Are Our Customers?

To date, we have performed thousands of in-depth searches for discerning clients. Among others, our clientele is comprised of Title Companies, Abstract Companies, Attorneys, Managing Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Banks and Real Estate Brokers. With our years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, we provide exemplary service to all facets of the industry.

Join our countless satisfied clients and experience the Hudson Search difference!