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Why use Hudson Search as your preferred Search Company? At Hudson Search, we understand that our clients need fast, accurate and affordable results. Your needs are our priority. We offer top-notch service and unmatched turn-around times with a focus on quality at consistently competitive prices.

Our Commitment to our Customers:

Top-Notch Service

Search work requires a lot of follow up. There are a million little questions that arise. At Hudson Search, we treat each with the utmost sincerity, attention to detail and swiftness! Rarely will you get such guidance and responsiveness from other search vendors.

Unparalleled Speed

Hudson Search provides extraordinarily quick turn around on all search requests. We have mastered the use of technology to search tax rolls, like no other firm. For example, most search companies rely heavily on calling municipalities to obtain tax figures. Of course, that can be time consuming as government offices are often closed for lunch, breaks, and holidays, and municipal staff also take vacations. Reaching someone knowledgeable who can answer questions can be daunting and slow. But at Hudson Search, we access municipality databases to obtain information quickly 24-7! For municipalities that have yet to use a database to store their records, we leverage our long-standing relationships to get results fast.

Uncompromising Quality

Before delivering search results to a client, each search is reviewed three times for quality control. We then provide search results in well-organized and easy-to-understand reports. Documents can be easily accessed online anytime.

Always-Reasonable Pricing

Hudson Search consistently offers reasonable pricing! While many competitors charge different rates for searches based on location, we always charge a flat, fair rate; $20 in all NY counties and $35 in all NJ counties.

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